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Shri Narendra Modi
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Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S)
  • 565, Anandapur, Ward No. 108, Sector– 1, Plot No. 22, ECADP, Kolkata – 700107
  • 91.33.24434055/56/57/58, +91.33.24434051(F)
  •   http://www.dgciskol.gov.in/


The Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence & Statistics (DGCIS) is the premier organization of Government of India for collection, compilation and dissemination of India’s trade statistics and commercial information. This Directorate, with its office located at Kolkata, is headed by the Director General, an Additional Secretary level officer of Indian Statistical Services (ISS). It is entrusted with the work of collecting, compiling and publishing/disseminating trade statistics and various types of commercial information required by the policy makers, researchers, importers, exporters, traders as well as overseas buyers. It is the first large scale data processing organization functioning as a nodal agency for Export & Import data in the country with ISO certification 9001:2015 for Compilation and Dissemination of India’s foreign trade statistics.

Data Receipt

DGCIS receives the basic data for both export and import of goods in the form of DTRs (Daily Trade Returns) from different Customs formations and the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) as a part of the administrative data generated whenever any international merchandise trade takes place. The Customs Authority transmits these DTRs in three different modes, namely, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Non-EDI and Manual. The EDI data is transmitted on-line daily through Indian Customs EDI Gateway (ICEGATE). From the remaining ports the monthly merchandise trade data is transmitted either through e-mail or CD or through manually typed/hand written paper schedules. Daily DTRs from the SEZs are also received through NSDL after a gap of one day.

Data Volume

The number of records being processed in DGCIS has been steadily increasing over the years. From 39.00 lakh records processed in 2000-01, the number has increased to 258.31 lakh in 2019-20. The number of records processed during the last 2 years along with current year (till Oct-20), the distribution of records by type of transactions and by values is shown in the following Tables:

Table – 1: Number of Records Processed from 2018-19 to 2020-21 (as on 31-Oct-2020)
Year Export Import Total
2018-19 133,60,422 121,88,592 255,49,014
2019-20 137,43,809 120,87,439 258,31,248
2020-21 (as on 31- Oct-2020) 63,52,012 50,03,294 113,55,306
* Figures for 2014-15 are provisional
Table – 2: Percentage of Records Processed by type of Record
Year Export Import Export + Import
EDI Non-EDI Manual EDI Non-EDI Manual EDI Non-EDI Manual
2018-19 93.30 6.70 0.00** 95.21 4.78 0.01 94.21 5.78 0.00**
2019-20 92.93 7.07 0.00** 94.93 5.07 0.00** 93.86 6.13 0.00**
2020-21 (as on 31-Oct-2020) 92.99 7.01 0.00** 94.68 5.31 0.00** 93.74 6.26 0.00**
* Non-EDI includes SEZ also
** Data received from manual ports are negligible
Table – 3: Percentage Contribution of Different Types of Transaction to the value of Trade
Year Export Import Total
  EDI Non-EDI Manual EDI Non-EDI Manual EDI Non-EDI Manual
2018-19 84.84 15.16 0.00** 89.05 10.94 0.01 87.40 12.59 0.01
2019-20 84.48 15.52 0.00** 88.19 11.81 0.00** 86.71 13.28 0.00**
2020-21 (as on 31-Oct-2020) 88.43 11.57 0.00** 90.39 9.61 0.00** 89.51 10.49 0.00**
* Non-EDI includes SEZ also
** Trade value as received from manual ports are negligible
Data Dissemination:

The foreign trade data compiled by this Directorate are disseminated to the public in three ways:

Sl. No. Dissemination Level Release Calendar
1 Monthly Press Release of Trade Figures by the D/o Commerce in the form of quick estimates By 15th of following month
2 Principal Commodity level Trade data By 3rd week of following month
3 8-digit item (HS Code) level trade data Within 45 days after completion of a month

All of the above are disseminated through Website.

Ancillary Statistics and Indian Trade Journal:

DGCIS also compiles and publishes the inland Trade Statistics covering inter-state movements of goods by rail, river and air on yearly basis. It also compiles and publishes yearly reports on Shipping Statistics, Inland Coastal Trade Statistics, Selected Statistics of Foreign Trade of India and Statistics on India’s customs and Excise revenue collections (according to the tariff heads). Indian Trade Journal (ITJ), a weekly publication on Central/State Govt./PSU tenders, is the premier publication of DGCIS.