Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
Foreign Trade (State Trading)
Functions of Division
  • State Trading and coordination in respect of matters relating to the export of commodities reserved wholly or partially for state trading and whose exports are channelized through the STC proposals for entering into link deals, parallel deals or other compensatory arrangements linking imports with exports.
  • All the following and other matters relating to:-
    • The State Trading Corporation of India Limited and its subsidiary, and
    • PEC Ltd.; & and their:-
    • Administrative control;
    • Budget and Accounts;
    • Parliament Questions;
    • Proposals for financial assistance and export promotion;
    • References to the Cabinet and other Ministries;
    • Maintaining Liaison with other Departments/ Sections in respect of matters concerning PSUs;
    • Delegations;
    • Miscellaneous representations from various public bodies and business association regarding procurement and distribution done by the STC.
  • Coordination in respect of matters concerning all the Public Undertakings under the Department of Commerce.
  • References from Department of Public Enterprises.
  • Liaison work with regard to reservation for SC&ST and physically handicapped persons as well as recruitment of minorities in services, resettlement of ex-serviceman and representation of SCs and STs in services in respect of posts in public sector undertakings.
Officers of the Division
Shri Shyamal MisraJoint Secretary
  • Room No. 243
  • Tel : 23063460, 23063443
  • Email : misra[dot]shyamal[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Anup SinghDeputy Secretary
  • Room No. 279-A
  • Tel : 23063434
  • Email : anup[dot]singh73[at]nic[dot]in
Shri Rajender SinghUnder Secretary
  • Room No. 32-A
  • Tel : 23038426
  • Email : rajender-upsc[at]gov[dot]in
Shri Aurn DabasSection Officer
  • Room No. 542-A
  • Tel : 23038489
  • Email : moc_ftst[at]nic[dot]in