Shri Narendra Modi
Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India
Trade Commissioner/Trade Assistance
  • Establishment matters relating to Commercial Sections in Indian Missions\Posts abroad, viz.
    • Opening of New Commercial offices in Indian Missions/Posts abroad.
    • Creation\Continuance\transfer of posts (India-based as well as local posts).
    • Revision and fixation of pay of the locally recruited staff and terms and conditions of service etc.
    • Review of staff position in all Commercial Sections abroad in consultation with concerned territorial sections at Hqrs.
    • All appointments\transfers of officers and staff etc. (Diplomatic and Non-Diplomatic).
    • Communication of transfer, medical examination, booking of air and sea passages, sanction for the advances, i.e. Pay, T.A. Outfit\Special Outfit allowance, renewal of Outfit allowance, transfer grants etc.
    • Issue of Transfer terms, grant of leave etc.
    • Release of foreign exchange/export permit for jewellery etc. in connection with transfer of officers and staff to Indian Missions/posts abroad in Commercial Sections. Issue of instructions to Indian Customs to show courtesy to officers and staff returning to India on transfer.
    • Settlement of passage bills received from Air\Shipping Companies.
    • Orders relating to assumption/ relinquishment of charge of officers and staff and regularisation intervening period etc.
    • Grant of Home Leave\Home leave fare\Emergency passages etc.
  • Renting of residence of officers and staff and office residences.
  • Purchase of office equipments, furniture, carpet, crockery cutlery for Representational\Non-Representational officers.
  • Grant of Car\Scooter\Cycle advances to Officers and Staff.
  • Purchase of staff car for official use abroad and reimbursement of transportation cost of personal cars purchased by Officers in Missions abroad.
  • Budget estimates-preparation of budget, audit objections such as audit reports and audit paras, remittance of funds – House building advance – Delegation of financial powers – Cash accounts and preparation of brief for Estimates Committee, Public Accounts Committee etc.
  • Preparation and processing of pending references from ‘Monthly Status Report’ being received from India’s Commercial Representatives in Commercial Mission abroad.
  • Maintenance of record of accounting rates for the various currencies and keeping consolidated information of rates of exchange between Indian Rupee and the Foreign Currencies of different countries.
  • Liaison with Commercial Representatives:
    • General matters relating to Commercial representatives (action will be initiated by the Trade Sections concerned on the specific points on the reports).
    • Manual of Instructions of Commercial representatives abroad.
    • AMA Scheme : Examination of medical claims pertaining to Officers and Staff.
  • Deputation of officers\Executives for courses organised by the Govt. of India and other countries.
  • All training programmes abroad and providing Secretarial assistance to the Selection Committee of the Department of Commerce.
  • Maintenance of Control Register in respect of Officers of the Department of Commerce and its subordinate organisations going abroad on training.
Officers in the Division
Shri Darpan JainJoint Secretary
  • Room No : 288
  • Tel : 23063413
Shri Prakash NevatiaDirector
  • Room No : 226-B
  • Tel : 23062527
Shri Mahender ChaudharyUnder Secretary
  • Room No : 511
  • Tel : 23061139
Smt. Sunita BhandariSection Officer
  • Room No : 557A
  • Tel : 23062261 (ext.560)
  • Section Officer – 1
  • A.S.O – 2
  • Senior Accountant – 1
  • Sr.S.A – 3
  • Jr. S.A. – 2
Mandatory disclosures under RTI Act
Name & Address of First Appellate Authority
Shri Darpan JainJoint Secretary
  • Department of Commerce
  • Room No : 288, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi
  • Tel : 2306 3413
  • Email : js1tpd-doc[at]nic[dot]in
Name & Address of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO)
Shri Prakash NevatiaDirector
  • Department of Commerce
  • Room No : 226-B, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi
  • Tel : 2306 2527
  • Email : prakash[dot]nevatia[at]nic[dot]in
Name & Address of Assistant Central Public Information Officer (ACPIO)
Shri Mahender ChaudharyUnder Secretary
  • Department of Commerce
  • Room No : 511, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi
  •  Tel : 2306 1933
  • Email : mahender[dot]chaudhary[at]nic[dot]in