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The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)

The Marine Products Export Development Authority(MPEDA) was set up under Section (4) of MPEDA Act, 1972 and became functional from 20th April, 1972. It is a statutory body functioning under the Department of Commerce. The MPEDA, a statutory body, is responsible for development of the marine products industry with special reference to exports. It is headed by a Chairman. It has its headquarters at Kochi and has a number of Regional and Sub- Regional Offices.

Export performance

The provisional Export of seafood during April to October’2014 has reached to 3.33 billion USD (provisional) from 2.81 billion USD with a growth of 16.78%. In terms of Indian rupees export increased to 19652.74 Crores from 16952.19 Crores with a growth of 15.92 % compare to the same period of previous year. Export has slightly decreased to 549142 MT from 553652 MT recording a slightly negative growth of 0.81 % in Quantity terms. The unit value increased from 5.15 USD/Kg to 6.06 USD/Kg recording a growth of 17.74%. The growth is mainly attributed to the increased production and export of L. Vannamei shrimps.

The provisional export performance during April to October’2014 is given below:

Export Performance
Export Details Apr-Oct’2014 April-Oct’2013 Growth %
Quantity in Tons 549158.00 553652.00 -0.81
Value ( Rs. Lakhs) 1965273.82 1695218.68 15.93
Value (US $ ‘1000) 3330112.59 2851502.11 16.78
Unit Value (US$/Kg) 6.06 5.15 17.74
Major Export Markets

During Apr-Oct’2014 USA emerged as the largest buyer of Indian seafood in terms of dollar earnings with the share of 29.01%, followed by South East Asia (23.28%), EU (20.78%), Japan (10.00%), Middle East (5.59%), and China (3.01%). Export to USA has increased by 10.53%, 22.07% and 20.83% in terms of quantity, rupee and US $ earnings respectively. USA is the biggest destination for the Indian cultured shrimps with a share of 37.17% of total cultured shrimps exported from India. Export to EU has showed positive growth. The export has increased by 9.02%, 25.52% and 34.89% in terms quantity, rupee value and US dollar earnings respectively.

Major Items of Export

Frozen Shrimp emerged as a principle item of export in the seafood basket both in quantity and foreign earnings with a share of 73.14% in US dollar earnings and 39.73 in Quantity terms followed by Frozen Fish, Frozen Cuttle fish, others and Frozen Squid etc., Export of Fr. Shrimp has showed tremendous growth. The export has increased by 19.98%, 31.48%, and 32.52 % in terms of Quantity, rupee value and USD terms respectively. The unit value has increased by 10.45%. Export of Fr. Fish, Fr. Squid and dried items showed negative growth. Export of Fr. Fish has declined by 6.34%, 11.16%, and 11.07% in terms of quantity, rupee value and USD earnings respectively.

Thrust Areas

To facilitate enhanced export of marine products from the country MPEDA has been giving greater thrust in the following areas:

  • Diversify the culture practices in to commercially important Shell fishes and Fin fishes to enhance aquaculture production and increase the varieties.
  • Establishing traceability of Aqua Culture and Capture Fishery products through primary producers’ enrolment.
  • Establish traceability of aquaculture and capture fishery products through primary producers’ enrolment.
  • Promoting Ornamental Fish Breeding for export by providing infrastructure to produce varieties of Ornamental Fish species and also for employment generation in rural and semi urban areas.
  • Upgrading of fishing harbours to international standards for sustaining / expanding our international markets.
  • Extending financial assistance for conversion / construction of Tuna Long Liners and imparting training to crew to develop Tuna industry to boost the export of Tuna
  • Implementing Catch Certification scheme for preventing / discouraging Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.
  • Assisting the setting up of state-of-art processing facilities for Value Added Marine Products meant for export.
  • Operating a scheme of Sea-freight assistance for the promotion of export of value added marine products by the registered seafood manufacturer exporters.
  • Operating scheme with M/s. United India Insurance Co. Ltd., to provide group Insurance to the workers employed in seafood processing and pre-processing industry.
  • Ensuring production of quality seafood by setting up sophisticated laboratories in the maritime States.
  • Operating a nation wide network of ELISA labs to ensure Anti Biotic residue free aquaculture exports.
  • Extending linkages to the grass root level by ensuring better extension packages to fishermen / farmers and the workers engaged in various stages of processing of marine products.
  • Establishing presence of Indian seafoods in major international markets by co-branding Indian products with major buyers and by giving publicity in different media abroad.
  • Participating in International Seafood Shows to showcase our resources and the potential of Indian seafood thereby generating new trade relationships. Organizing biennial events viz. India International Seafood Show (IISS) and Aqua Aquaria India (AAI).
  • Registration Certificates and RCMC Certificates are issued on-line through MPEDA Regional Offices. Financial Accounting, Payroll, Pension, Personnel, GPF, Stores and Inventory, Asset Management etc are computerized. Subsidy Application processing & Subsidy disbursement, PHT, NRCP Lab testing are also computerized and e-procurement system has been introduced.
Steps taken to increase production and exports
  • Assistance for Fishing Vessel owners for the installation of Insulated Fish Hold / Refrigerated Seawater System / Ice making machinery for onboard fishing vessel for better preservation of catch and earning of more value for the catch.
  • Under the Catch Certification scheme introduced from 1st January 2010, MPEDA have validated 44,737 certificates and for the period 1st April 2014 – November 2014, 6,563 Catch Certificates were validated.
  • Extended technical and financial assistance for the development of new area under Shrimp and Scampi culture in all the maritime States of the country for sustainable production of seafood
  • With the introduction of Pacific White Shrimp into India, a significant increase has been noticed in the aquaculture production from the maritime States of the country. The shrimp and Scampi production in 2014 -15 up to November 2014 was estimated to be about 3,28,848 MT including Scampi production of 6,055 MT. 78% of aqua cultured shrimp was L. Vannamei and 22% was Black Tiger. The Aquatic Quarantine facility established by RGCA / MPEDA at Chennai screens all the imported SPF L. vannamei broodstock for OIE listed pathogen to ensure the production of quality SPF L. vannamei Shrimp seeds for farming. Broodstock multiplication centre at MPEDA facility at TASPARC, Visakhapatnam by RGCA is set up and required number of broodstock for the sector are being produced in a bio-secure condition and supplied to the sector as and when required.
  • Encouraging formation of Aqua Farmers Welfare Societies of small farmers for adoption of Code of Practices for sustainable shrimp culture by extending financial assistance for setting up common facilities.
  • To popularize the technology on Crab farming, field demonstrations continued in coastal States for which the cost for inputs like seed, feed and Crab fencing is being extended by MPEDA.
  • To popularise the technology for culture of all male GIFT Tilapia and Cobia field level demonstrations and technology transfer is being carried out.
  • Demonstration of culture of Sea bass, High Health Tiger shrimp were also conducted n the maritime States with financial/technical assistance.
  • To facilitate quality supply of the inputs like seed and feed to the aqua farmers, MPEDA is involved in the monitoring of hatcheries on quarterly basis and collecting the feed samples from production units for quality analysis.
  • MPEDA is encouraging mass production of good quality Ornamental Fish by assisting breeders for setting up modern breeding centres. Under this scheme, subsidy assistance up to maximum of 50% of capital investment is given for setting up Ornamental Fish Breeding Units classified into 3 grade based on the investment and production capacity.
  • MPEDA has set up training centres in the States of West Bengal, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala for imparting training and technical support for the Ornamental Fish farmers.
  • MPEDA assists the processors to construct/renovate captive/independent pre-processing centers as per EU/GoI guidelines and setting-up of Mini Laboratory in processing plants
  • FVO Mission of European Commission comprising of two teams visited India during 3rd to 14th March, 2014 to evaluate the control systems in place. They also visited MPEDA Head Office on 10th March, 2014. MPEDA Representatives accompanied the teams throughout their visits in addition to inspections at seafood processing centers, harbors, farms, labs etc. USFDA commissioner had a special meeting with Chairman, MPEDA during her visit to Kochi. The assessment report of the FVO has been received.
  • Provided financial assistance to seafood processors for setting up of mini – laboratory & pre -processing centres. Extended technical assistance to the seafood industry for implementation of seafood HACCP by organizing HACCP trainings for the benefit of technical personnel in the industry.
  • MPEDA officials attended training programmes in India & abroad on subjects like Seafood HACCP by AFDO & USFDA, training on Food contact materials & a study tour on sampling organized by BTSF (EU) & strengthening of Fishery inspection services organized by EIC.
  • MPEDA has four Quality Control laboratories, of which the laboratories at Kochi, Bhimavaram and Nellore are implementing the National Residue Control Plan (NRCP) for Aquaculture products. The Quality Control lab at Bhubaneswar is operating on contract for testing commercial samples. During January to November 2014, a total of 3458 (including 17 follow up) samples were analysed by these labs under NRCP 2014
  • During the period 20121 samples were analyzed in the ELISA labs. The ELISA labs are established in the states of West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat. A total of 19 ELISA labs & 21 outposts are in operation now. Under the PHT programme, during January to November 2014 a total of 28,720 samples were tested by ELISA labs
  • The monitoring of Cadmium content in Cephalopods (Squid, Cuttlefish & Octopus) is done / studied in samples caught in all the regions on East & West Coasts of India. Analysed 44 samples till November 2014.
  • The Quality Control lab at Kochi is also undertaking a project for Monitoring of Pesticide Residues at National Level (MPRNL) funded by Department of Agriculture (MoA). During the year 2014, 672 samples of inland fishes and crustaceans, marine crustaceans from the maritime states of India were analysed and the results were communicated.
  • To increase the processing capacity of value added products, MPEDA is operating various subsidy schemes for the benefit of existing exporters and also to the new entrepreneurs for creation of required infrastructure facilities for Frozen, Fresh, Chilled, Live and Dried marine products.
  • Extended financial assistance for cold chain development by: 1. Subsidised distribution of Insulated Fish Boxes, 2. Acquisition of Refrigerated Trucks/Containers, 3. Financial Assistance for the construction of new large Cold Storages, 4. Setting up of New Ice Plants/Renovation of Existing Ice Plants.
  • MPEDA participated in 8 major international seafood fairs around the world and displayed a wide range of Indian marine products especially value-added products to generate awareness and demand.
  • In order to disseminate the vast potential of the fisheries and aquaculture sector and to highlight investment opportunities in this field by Indian entrepreneurs, MPEDA has participated in 11 domestic fairs.
  • MPEDA organised the 19th edition of Indian International Seafood Show (IISS) at Chennai from 10th to 12th January 2014. About 2500 delegates participated in the Seafood Show along with 255 exhibitors occupying 355 stalls. About 450 foreign delegates also participated in the show.
  • As part of promotional measures in seafood and marine products production sector, MPEDA is organising 3rd edition of “Aqua Aquaria India” 2015 during 20th to 22nd February, 2015, an international show focusing the aqua culture and ornamental fish sector in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The three days event comprises exhibitions having 300 stalls, technical sessions by renowned national and international experts on aquaculture and aquarium fields, trade interactions, field visits for farmers and Buyer sellers meets for Ornamental Fish exporters.
  • MPEDA brings out a monthly magazine, MPEDA NEWSLETTER, to disseminate the information on trade developments, enquiries, quality regulations, and other topics of interest related to Aquaculture, Seafood processing, Quality Control and Ornamental fisheries to the stakeholders across the country.
  • A weekly publication, PRIME brought out by MPEDA disseminate indicative price of various seafood items in different markets across the world and is widely circulated among exporters and other stakeholders.
  • 28. MPEDA invites delegation to visit India and sends delegation to leading seafood-buying countries to strengthen the trade links and opened up many business opportunities for the seafood trade which would be further strengthened by future delegations.
  • MPEDA has introduced Quality Marking scheme for promotion of value added consumer products in major markets. It is also operating a scheme of sea-freight assistance for the promotion of export of value added marine products by the registered seafood manufacturer exporters. Another scheme is being operated for promotion of export of Aquarium / Ornamental fishes /live Aquariums plants. A scheme with M/s. United India Insurance Co. Ltd. is being operated to provide group Insurance to the workers employed in seafood processing and pre-processing industry.
  • 30. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture (RGCA) continued Research and Development activities for developing new aquaculture technologies by innovative methods, by implementing several species specific R & D projects for increasing production of commercially important Finfish, Shellfish, export oriented ones in particular, to strengthen the aquaculture production base in the country.
  • NETFISH, a Society promoted by MPEDA for undertaking extension education programmes, continued their efforts in Capture Fisheries sector, Fish Quality Management, Conservation and sustainable fishing and for capacity building in all the maritime States of India. The extension tools developed by NETFISH such as posters, leaflets, documentaries and animation films were made use of for delivering the messages effectively during the programmes and also conducts special awareness programmes such as Street Plays, Medical Camps, Rallies, Clean-ups, School programmes, Mass Communications, Radio Programmes, etc.
  • NaCSA, a Society promoted by MPEDA for undertaking extension education programmes continue their efforts in culture fisheries sector, for quality up gradation and for capacity building of small scale shrimp farmers, NaCSA educates farmers in Better Management Practices, Crop Planning, etc and continue to support sustainable aquaculture by creating participatory movement through capacity building at grass root level.
  • UNDP Mangrove Project – 7 sites at Sindudurg district, Maharashtra was identified for initiating the mangrove crab production. Accordingly 7 Self Help Groups (SHGs) were formed and the members in each SHG were undergone training in various aspects of crab culture. A total of 11 pens having an approximate size of 1 acre each were erected at various sites and 3 abandoned ponds at Hadi village were renovated for stocking crablets. A total of 22940 crablets stocked in between 24th January, 2014 to 4th March, 2014. The crab culture is under progress and so far a total of 210 kgs was harvested from various sites.
  •  MPEDA House, Panampilly Avenue, COCHIN-682036.
  •  (91)484-311971, (91)484-313361 (F)
  •   https://mpeda.gov.in